Friday, April 11, 2008

Phone Solicitation

Where I work, we have been getting phone solicitations from AT&T a lot recently. I took one such phone call yesterday, and had to share the joy of it.

*phone rings*

ME: *Company Name*, this is Michael. How can I help you?

SOLICITOR: Hi, this is (insert name, I actually didn't catch it) with AT&T Network Solutions. I need to speak with Mr. Peller, or whoever is in charge of the phone services, please.

**She grotesquely mis-pronounced the boss' name, but it was close enough that I knew who she was talking about**

ME: Oh, my. You have called on the wrong day... You see, Mr. Peller is dead.

SOLICITOR: *Gasp!* Oh!

ME: Yeah. Yesterday, he got his by a truck. There wasn't much left.

SOLICITOR: I'm so sorry!

ME: Yeah. We're all looking for jobs now. Hey, are you guys hiring?

SOLICITOR: We are, actually.

ME: Great! Where can I turn in an application?

SOLICITOR: Well, we're in Ohio.

ME: Oh. Well, I'm in Oklahoma. That's not going to do me a whole lot of good.

SOLICITOR: I guess not. Well, my deepest condolences on your loss. I hope things get better.

ME: Thanks. Wish me luck.

SOLICITOR: Good luck on the job search.

ME: Thanks. Well, bye.


I love screwing with those people!

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