Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Holster Progression

Well folks, it looks like I am a holster maker. Here are some pictures of my wife's cross-draw. I designed and stitched it, she wet-molded and finished it. Purple was her idea. She has now been wearing it for several weeks now, and it is doing really well for her. I hadn't had a chance to upload pics of it until recently. This sucker tucks in tight and conceals well under a vest, shirt, or jacket. It retains well in all of her daily activities as a mother, wife, and accountant; and yet the draw is easy and intuitive. We built it with an extra loop behind the grip to give her the option of using the same holster on a modular shoulder rig, which will be in the works soon.



There will be pictures of more holsters to follow. I've just finished my prototype, but I want to get some hard wear on it before I post a report.


instinct said...

Nicely done, my complements.

I have a friend out here who is going to help hook me up with a 1972 Browning Hi-Power and potentially a Walther P99.

I'll probably go with 9mm on both, but I guess I know who to see about getting a holster made :D

Oh, and you may appreciate this. Since I don't have the room to make longbows, or the equipment to do my ceramics, I have been looking at another hobby - whip making :D

instinct said...

Oh, BTW, nice butt shot.

Jamie said to tell you that most people can't pull off white jeans that well

Michael said...

She's been working out. I'm not sure why the pics turned out looking like white jeans. They are actually kind of a cream/khaki linen slack. Weird. Must be some kind of color saturation deal from the setting sun combined with the anemic aperture size. There are cameras that are lots worse than that one, but we have recently had its limitations beat us over the head. I fear a DSLR is in our future.

JAFO said...

Very well done!

In answer to your question on THR: jeepgeek

I'm very interested in seeing how you make the shoulder rig once you get to that point.

JAFO said...

BTW- looks like I may be going the way of becoming a holster-maker soon, myself. With the help of the owner of Ugly Bald Guy holsters ( if you don't mind me dropping the link), I've got a pretty nice bit of info on how he makes holsters as well as encouragement to give it a go. Some friends found out and now I've got orders!

Michael said...


Me too! It looks like I'm picking up a revolver tomorrow to make a holster for it, and in a couple of weeks, I'll be doing my first semi-auto pancake! I feel like there's a lot of development I can still do to perfect my product, so I've been hesitant to put a price on these things. It's mostly been in bartering and trading so far. I don't think I'm too far off from actual pricing, though.

UBG's holster look pretty nice. I've cruised his site on a couple of occasions. I like the mudflaps on his auto holsters, and I like the high-ride. I'm double-stitching mine which may or may not actually make a better holster, but in my mind it does.

Just wait until I finally post some pics of my prototype! You will flip! With my newest pancake design, combined with some ultra-tough leathers like horse and kangaroo, I think that I can put a warranty on mine. I'm actually toying around with the idea of doing a lifetime warrantied holster! We'll see how that goes, of course.