Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Mom's First Experience with a Shotgun

I can't laugh too much. Most of her gunning experience has been with a nicely weighted .22-LR rifle. Taking that into consideration, she really didn't do too badly with the 20-gauge. Keep in mind that I detest internet videos of people put in situations to hurt themselves. Not funny. Mom didn't get hurt at all. This is VERY funny!

Oh by the way, I posted this video without her consent. She reads my blog occasionally. I wonder how long it will take for her to discover it...


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JAFO said...

Way to go, Michael's mom! :)

I can't say much- I'm short, but stocky. Ok, a bit too heavy. I've shot 12 gauges before, but took my newly-aquired-from-a-coworker Mossberg 500A (12 gauge, with barrel cut down to minimum legal +1/2 for home defense use) to the range last weekend and doveshot was kicking my butt! I don't even want to think about shooting any more slugs out of it, truth to tell!

I've shot everything from 22CB to .50 and 40MM before, from the shoulder (Barrett and M203, in the prone- there ain't no Rambo-ing a Barrett!) and I swear they didn't kick as hard. Granted, the Barrett weighs something like 35 pounds, dry, but still!!! There will be a decelerator pad in my future. If mom looks into getting a shotgun for HD use, might be something to consider so she doesn't get afraid of the weapon.

( No, I do not want to talk about the slightly-blacked eye from the scope while shooting my 30-30 Marlin. We all have out moments of "stupid", and I was overdue. kthxbye. :P )