Friday, September 28, 2007


Testing, 1, 2... Is this thing on? OK. I don't really know what to write just at this moment, but I've been meaning to set this thing up for quite some time. Just keep looking here, because once I get wound up about something, I'll really unload. There have been plenty of times that I have wished that I could just sit down and share my most hideous thoughts and feelings with countless anonymous strangers. Well, I suppose this thing keeps a count, so that's not quite accurate. Oh, well. The point is, I should have some thoughts to share, and I hope that you will let me share them with you. Sometimes, things will be fluffy, and other times harsh. Stay tuned and I'll bare it all!


Unknown said...

Okay, you have at least one reader besides Jenni! Now get up on that soapbox. :) miss you guys., Kirsten

Unknown said...

Dang! I wasn't your first commenter.