Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Judgement Part-III

I'm sure that both of you remember when I was talking about my shotgun, or the other time that I was talking about my shotgun. Well, after waiting more than two months, I have received a magazine extension, and canceled an order for two others. I will never give my business to Impact Guns again. My order from Morning Bite initially got shipped to the wrong address, but the communication was great, the owner took the time to explain the situation to me, and resolved it to my satisfaction. If I were into fishing, I would give a lot more of my business to them. We tried the mag extension on Jen's 20-gauge, but it didn't like it. It kept trying to double-feed shells from the mag, which caused it to repeatedly and completely jam the action. It only takes a couple of minutes to clear, but that's a couple of minutes in which YOU COULD DIE in the wrong situation. It works like a charm on my gun. I went ahead and put the magazine spring and retainer from my 12 in Jenni's 20, so that increased her capacity from four to five, and the gun actually cycles the mag better now than it did in its stock form. Score! So, we each got an upgrade out of the deal. I've been wanting to take some final pics of the gun, but I just don't feel like it right now. Maybe tomorrow I'll take some pics of my personal go-to guns on the back porch right before sunset. This would exclude my beloved .44 Magnum, of course - since it is only a pleasure shooter and target gun. But, I think I could take a really nice picture of my 586's, Star-15, and my Ranger. There's something to think about in my dreams... *yawn* ...I guess I'm still fighting that whole time change B. S.


Anonymous said...

I find it a little interesting that you had problems with Impact. I've shot there for years, bought guns and gear from them, and never had a problem. Of course, their online group might be different than their brick and mortar group, but if you get out to Utah, I highly advise you stop by and turn some money into noise there.

Anonymous said...


You would probably know better than I do, as you have had years of experience, and I only had one bad one. Next time I'm in the Utah area, I will make it a point to check out the facility. I'm always looking for another excuse to throw some lead at paper! OBTW - check out my new address at evylrobot.com.